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Yardistry 12 X 12 Gazebo

Yardistry is an 14 X 12 cedar pavilion with aluminum roof, it comes with a free shipping address. Some of the features include: a beautiful 12 X 12 lawn and garden set-up, an 12 x12 garden hose, an 12 x12 garden tool, and an 12 x12 garden mirror.

Yardistry Gazebo Dimensions

This 12 X 24 cedar Gazebo with aluminum roof is a top-notch addition to your yard, it is fabricated of durable cedar and grants a beautiful rustic look to it. The Gazebo can easily accommodate 12 people and extends an open floor plan that makes it terrific for large groups, it is additionally comfortable for adults to sit inside. This 12 x12 Gazebo with aluminum roof is a beneficial addition to your yard or garden, it is direct ship and comes with a new roof! This Gazebo can accommodate up to 12 people and extends an 12 x14 grand cedar spire. This is sterling for a birthday party, camping or wedding, this is an 12 x12 cedar Gazebo with aluminum roof. We offer it in many different sizes and colors to suit any needs and wants, this Gazebo is a sterling alternative to add income, beauty or curb appeal to your yard. If you're wanting for an unequaled surrogate to keep your yard searching fresh all season long, then this Gazebo might be a first-class surrogate for you! It features mesh fabric that allows the flies to move and produce nectar, while the top Gazebo provides a comfortable sitting area for guests to enjoy.