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Half Gazebo

Looking for a stylish and functional Gazebo to orbit your patio? Search no more than patiojoy's 17 x10 pop up Gazebo tent, with dual Half awnings and an adjustable dual half-a-wning, this Gazebo will make an excellent tent for your patio.

Half Gazebo Amazon

This Half Gazebo is a best-in-class surrogate for an or any outdoor event, the dual Half awnings airspace to allow for a good amount of wind present, while the adjustable dual awning provides optimal conditions for plants and trees. This is a beneficial Half Gazebo for a park, it can be easily adjusted to suit your needs and is top-grade for use as a pitched school or picnic area. The dual Half awnings provide plenty of ventilation and the overall look of the Gazebo is improved, with a price of just $129. 99 we think you'll grove on it! This Half Gazebo is a top solution for use as a shelter for a pop up tent, the bungees provide stability and protect against unintentional movement. The zigzag patterns provide even wear and tear, the 10 x3 design is available in a variety of colors and finishes to suit any scene. This Half Gazebo is a first rate addition to your patio party and will make an excellent tent for your next outdoor event, the Gazebo can be adjusted to have a variety of awnings styles to tailor your event, and the dual half-a-wnings make it facile to take off when you're done with your set up. The grey folding awning is a peerless substitute for shoppers with a natural digging garden or who just want the convenience of having two parts of the awning off of the patio.