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Arched Gazebo

This new Gazebo from Arched is an 12 x 10 2-tier outside pergola canopy w steel frame and Arched roof, with 12 ft. Of pergola canopies on both sides of the gazebo, this magnificent property offers 12 sizes, the steel frame and Arched roof of the Gazebo will add to the look of this property, while the canopies add a touch of elegance.

Cheap Arched Gazebo

This Arched Gazebo is practical for your next car park or camping trip, with its heavy-duty canopy and 20-ft capacity, this Gazebo can easily handle the weight of your group. The car park or camping trip will be just what you need! This Arched Gazebo replacement canopy is manufactured of fabric and will protect you and your friends from the sun, it is 350 beige and extends an 50 sunscreen protection factor. This Gazebo is prime for shoppers who desire to create for their Gazebo with this design, this Arched Gazebo cover will protect your Gazebo from the sun and provide extra shade. This beige Arched Gazebo will come with a replacement canopy top, this Arched Gazebo is an excellent estate victorian style unit with a greenhouse treatment. The Gazebo gives an incredible view of the valley and is top-of-the-line for evening activities or for sitting or dining, the Gazebo is moreover great for serving food or drinks.