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30 X 30 Gazebo

This 30 x30 Gazebo canopy is top for your next outdoor party or event, it can hold 30 people and is heavy-duty, making it sterling for that uncrowded environment. Plus, it grants a built-in platform for facile assembly.

30 X 30 Gazebo Walmart

This 30 x30 party tent marquee will provide your guests with an amazing view of the city, it will hold 10 people and will have a marquee canopy to protect their handrails. This tent can be up-sized to allow for an extra 10 people, it will also have an 10' side wall awing and 10' side wall side walls. It will have an 10' wide side wall and an 10' tall side wall, the will have an 10' width, the will have an 10' height, and the side walls will be made of this 30 x30 Gazebo will provide your guests with a beautiful view of the cityscape from their comfortable position in the fabric-covered pavilion. Plus, there're 7 sidewalls for for a safety netting security system, and each wall is finished with a layer of bright red cedar veneer, this 10 x10 Gazebo will be a beneficial addition to your yard, and will have a sunshade on it to protect you and your vehicle. It is fabricated of durable materials, and will last for many years, this 30 x30 Gazebo is practical for your 10 x30 wedding party! It can be used for ceremony and festivities, which is where it for best use. The Gazebo can be made to waterproof and still provide a stylish exterior, it is an excellent surrogate for any wedding party.